It was one of Rob’s dreams to own a woodland, so we thought that a fitting celebration of his life would be to dedicate areas of woodland to him via the Woodland Trust. Many of Rob’s friends and family generously contributed to this cause, raising a total of £2,565.00.

We decided to split the fund equally to support two woodlands, therefore enabling two areas to benefit and meaning more people will be able to visit a bit of Rob’s woodland.

1) Heartwood Forest in Hertfordshire

Heartwood Forest welcome sign

Heartwood Forest welcome sign

Located only a few miles from where Rob lived in Hertfordshire, the Woodland Trust is creating England’s largest new native forest. The forest will eventually cover 850 acres near Sandridge, St Albans. Rob’s fund has allowed us to contribute to the planting of two stands of trees, which is 66 trees-worth. The Trust has allocated an area in Rob’s name, as marked in the map below.

The area has fantastic potential and the Woodland Trust has already started planting trees. For updates on Heartwood Forest and detail on activities held there, please see the Heartwood Forest page.


Map of Rob's area in the Heartwood forest

Rob's trees in Heartwood Forest


Woodland Trust Ipsden map

Rob's area of Ipsden Heath

2) Ipsden Heath, Oxfordshire

This is a beautiful, mature woodland in the Chilterns. It is surrounded by other (non-Woodland Trust) woodlands, making the area really peaceful and quiet. An acre and a half of woodland has been dedicated to Rob. The woodland is full of many interesting tree and plant species and has some very characteristic old trees.

See the Woodland Trust’s page on Ipsden Heath.




New Zealand

Thanks also to Katie and Tom in New Zealand who have sponsored the planting of some kauri tree seedlings. Rob’s reach is now truly worldwide!

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