At the age of 13 Rob started to teach himself the piano. This marked the beginning of a growing passion for music – appreciation, composition and performance.

Rob experimented with all different kinds of music composition. Many of his pieces have not been heard by more than a handful of people.


Dangerous Games

In 2006/7, Rob wrote a whole album of songs, entitled “Eureka Moment – Chromatic Aberrations”. Here’s one of the tracks from the album, “Dangerous Games”. (more…)

Houghton Scherzando

In 2009, Rob was busy composing music for the educational film The Starry Messenger. During one of the scenes, which was meant to be set in Renaissance Italy, he was concerned that background noise of pretty, English village church bells could still be heard in the soundtrack. This would not do for continuity! So, he decided to write a bell-themed track, Houghton Scherzando, to deliberately incorporate the bells. (more…)

Walk on Water

Walk on Water is another song from Rob’s album, Eureka Moments. (more…)

What Little Respect

What Little Respect is one of the most powerful songs on Rob’s album, Eureka Moments. It is sensitive, subtle, tongue-in-cheek, building to a rich and complex beauty, with a sudden end. In many ways it sums up the person Rob was. (more…)