Occult Arithmetic: Music, Mathematics & Mysticism

In 2009, Rob attended the SkyWay ’09 festival of light in Torun, Poland. Along with Alice Williamson, he presented to other academics and artists at a seminar devoted to collaborations between science and art. This article was inspired by the event and the collaborations Rob initiated there. (more…)

The Starry Messenger

Whilst working at the University of Hertfordshire, one of Rob’s biggest projects was the creation of The Starry Messenger, an educational film drama celebrating the International Year of Astronomy (2009), marking 400 years of Galileo’s telescope. Putting many of his talents to use, Rob wrote, co-produced, co-directed, edited, acted in and composed the music for the film. (more…)

Astrophysics Papers

Robert is an author on 28 peer-reviewed publications, listed here. (more…)

Rob on BBC News

Rob’s work was reported on the BBC News website.