Walk on Water

Walk on Water is another song from Rob’s album, Eureka Moments.


If I could walk on water, would I drown upon the land?
I’d rather step beside you, leave my footprints in the sand.
My life is like an island, and I’m stranded on the shore;
The tides will strip me, like a shipwreck, to a bony core:
But if I could walk on water, I’d be lonely nevermore.

If I could whisper on the wind, I’d shout out loud your name:
I’d echo through the wild woods, too full with joy to tame,
And all the trees would shiver, and their leaves and branches sway,
But if my words could reach you, all my fears would fly away;
If I could whisper on the wind, so many things I’d say.

If I were an eagle, I would watch you night and day,
And though I’m down, my heart is soaring like a bird of prey:
There’d be no mist nor mountain, could keep me from the skies;
And I would fly to meet you in my feathery disguise,
If I were an eagle, just to look into your eyes.

My eyes were filled with tears, and I cried them over you;
They flooded moor and meadow, painted flowers like morning dew.
And all of my illusions were melted by the rain,
Cascading into rainbows as it washed away the pain:
And so I learned to walk on water, to bring you back again.


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