Walking for Rob

50 miles wood-to-wood to help the Woodland Trust create England’s largest native forest!

What started out as Rob’s family and friends trying to do some good after a tragedy is now growing into something more beautiful. This is our way to remember Rob in a way that he would have appreciated: a long walk to somewhere beautiful.

But Heartwood Forest isn’t just our end point. It represents nature, science and life. If he had lived, Rob would have used Heartwood Forest as his inspiration and motivation for his music, art and creative musings. He would’ve used it to remind himself that there is something bigger than all of us and that life is so very fragile.

So this is more than a walk to some woods. It’s a reminder that life is precious. And that makes trees precious because we’d probably not exist if it wasn’t for trees. They give us the oxygen we need to breathe, and provide us with food, fuel and habitats for some of our best-loved wildlife.

And Rob knew that. It’s why he dreamed of buying a woodland. So let’s do that for him.

The Woodland Trust still needs £1.2 million to finish this amazing forest, which will be England’s largest native Forest. They have already planted 500,000 trees there. Let’s plant the rest for Rob!


WHY: On 13th March 2015, it would have been Rob’s 40th birthday. So, we intend to give him a birthday present he would’ve loved, explored and written songs & music about – a FOREST!

WHERE: Gemma (Rob’s sister) and Martin (Rob’s brother-in-law) will be walking 50 miles in 4 days from Ipsden Heath in Oxfordshire to Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire. Come and join us! For as much or as little as you like.

WOOD-TO-WOOD: So many of Rob’s wonderful friends and family kindly donated to his Woodland Trust Fund in 2010, raising a total of £2,565.00. We used this money to plant over 60 young trees in Heartwood Forest and support the maintenance of Ipsden Wood (for more details, click on the Charities tab above). Our walk will “connect” Rob’s two bits of woodland.

WHEN: 27th to 30th August 2015

We’d be grateful if you would support them in this challenge by either:

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