What Little Respect

What Little Respect is one of the most powerful songs on Rob’s album, Eureka Moments. It is sensitive, subtle, tongue-in-cheek, building to a rich and complex beauty, with a sudden end. In many ways it sums up the person Rob was.


Verse 1:
How things have changed
since I saw the light!
I’m weary now from weeping
in the dark of night

And I’m losing
what little respect
I had for you
It’s amusing
how quickly I switch
my point of view

I’m appraising
each thing that you did
in different ways
It’s amazing
how fickle my feelings
are these days!

Verse 2:
Been lying awake
as I count my sins:
I’m praying for redemption
when the day begins

…and I’m losing
what little respect
I had for you…

Verse 3:
The sun shines pale
And the wind blows cold
I’m howling ‘gainst the gale
of the lies you told.


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